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Lake Oroville area is lucky to have trails open 24/7. With this privilege come responsibility to protect our trails.

Ride It, Don't Slide It!

Please stay on trails, do not ride off the trail. Although our trails drain remakably well, there are still some wet/muddy spots. To help protect the trail, please ride thru the center of muddy spots, do not widen the trail by going around them. In the above sceanario, avoiding the mud is hurting the trail.

Suck it up and stay on trail.

Thank You

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Lake Oroville Bicycle Organization (LOBO) mission is to bring awareness that cycling benefits our health, families, economy and community, and that its fun. LOBO advocates for bicycle safety and access to California's trails.

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California State Parks Move Toward Better Trail Access for Cyclists

California State Park's Director Ruth Coleman has embraced a statewide Programatic Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) that will improve the process to convert trails to shared-use status. "This will lay the groundwork for the efficient conversion of trails that IMBA California and clubs have been requesting for some time," says IMBA California's Tom Ward. This bodes well for efforts to open Bill's Trail in Marin, as well as numerous trails in Santa Cruz and Humboldt counties, Mt Diablo State Park, Folsom State Recreation Area, Donor Lake State Park, various Sonoma County parks and miles of trails in the Los Angeles basin. According to Ward, park managers have often shown support for improved mountain bike access -- but each time they attempt implementation they are threatened with lawsuits from opposing forces. "The intent of PEIR is to curtail the legal challenges to each trail conversion project," says Ward. He adds, "This is a major milestone for IMBA's efforts to increase mountain bike access in state parks."

Request better access to State Park trails.